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Makes a Great Gift! On Sale Now Up to 40% Off via PayPal Here. Click for Prices Get the waterproof iPad case with the super suction-mount here. The Splashtablet Case is loved by customers and fits the bill very nicely for iPad users who just want a modestly priced (UNDER $40) mess proof case for occasional use. The Splashtablet waterproof iPad case is much less money than a case from Lifeproof ($129.99) or Otterbox ($90, not advertised waterproof) and some of the more "military" ($149) or actually underwater designed waterproof iPad cases. Which is a misnomer, because touch screens don't really work underwater). The Splashtablet Case is designed for taking your iPad in the shower or bath tub, spa, jacuzzi or hot tub. It's suction mount sticks to the tile wall, shower door or smooth marble. It has great versatility and you can easily use it in the kitchen as a mess proof sleeve on the counter. But this waterproof iPad case really shines when it saves your counter space wile it sticks to your cabinets and other flat surfaces, and it moves around as you cook. While you watch recipe videos or punch up recipes on your cooking apps simply hit the suction lever and move it from place to place so it's at eye-level right at your cooking station. On Amazon it averages 4.5 Stars. We also have parents that love the case with their messy kids and even use the suction device (40 pounds of holding power1) to keep their iPad firmly anchored to the kitchen table or to highchair trays.

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If you're looking for an awesome gift that's less than $45 dollars for the iPad owner in your life, the Splashtablet suction-mount, waterproof case makes a great gift. This soft vinyl iPad case is the perfect gift for moms who love to cook with recipe videos, or who just love to watch shows on their iPad in the kitchen while they cook. Give this great iPad gift to your girlfriend and she enjoy her favorite videos in the shower on her iPad or a romantic movie on the iPad with you in the bathtub. A Splashtablet iPad Case makes a great gift for the man in your life too. Give him this waterproof iPad case as a Holiday gift and he can watch news and weather in the bathroom or his favorite video in the shower on his iPad. A Splashtablet iPad Case is a wonderful gift that is less than forty four dollars and is the perfect answer for the hard to find gift for your special iPad owning family member, friend or loved one. A Splashtablet iPad kitchen, bath, pool suction-mount iPad case is surely on the list of top gift ideas for 2017 in the iPad gift ideas category.

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